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I hope you are thoroughly enjoying Week 9, a.k.a. Spring Break. When we get back next week, we will pick up where we left off, focusing on strategies for using research to support our arguments. Here’s how we’ll spend each day of Week 10:

  • On Monday, we will not meet as a class; instead, I will hold an individual conference with each of you to discuss your progress on the research paper. At this point, I have received all of your research plans, and I will read them during Spring Break. At your conference, I will help you focus your research question and tentative thesis, and you will have the chance to ask any questions you have about the research or writing process.
  • On Wednesday, we will explore different approaches for making persuasive arguments. Please read pages 493–99 in Convergences before you come to class.
  • On Friday, we will analyze several articles to see how their authors use “point of view.” Before you come to class, please read pages 564–66 in Covergences, then review two articles we’ve read before, on pages 493–99 and 606–08. we will focus on outlining and drafting your research papers. Before you come to class, please complete the Argument Summary Exercise, linked on the Readings page, and bring a printed copy of your document to class.

One last note: The end of Week 8 marks the midpoint of the semester, and I will be submitting individual progress reports for each of you this week. If you have any questions about your midterm grade, you can login to Blackboard to see your scores on each component of your grade.

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