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Posted by Quinn Warnick March 25, 2011 Comments Off

I think the exercises we completed in Week 10 helped everyone stay (or get) on track with Project #3. I have been very excited to see the progress you’ve made from the time you submitted your original research topics until now. Next week, we’ll finish up the research paper and move on to Project #4 and Project #5, both of which revolve around the creation of original short documentary films. Here’s a quick overview of how we’ll spend our time:

  • On Monday, we will discuss strategies for writing effective introductions and conclusions. Your only homework for the weekend is to continue drafting your research paper, so please make sure you dedicate a substantial amount of time to that endeavor.
  • On Wednesday, we will conduct a peer review exercise. Please bring three printed copies of your research paper to class. I recognize that your paper might be “drafty” at this point, but it should be complete, including an MLA-formatted works cited page.
  • On Friday, I will introduce Projects #4 and #5, then we will receive some technical training from Adrian Tapia about the technical tools that you will be using to complete your work on those projects. We will meet jointly with Dr. Loewe’s class for this session. The final draft of your research paper is due at the beginning of class on Friday. Please bring a printed, stapled copy of your paper to class and upload an electronic copy of your paper to Google Docs (name it like this: “Your Name Research Paper”) before you come to class.

One final reminder: On Monday, I will be placing you in teams of three students for Projects #4 and #5, so if you would like to work with a specific classmate (or classmates), please email me with your requests by Sunday evening. All requests should be “mutually approved” (i.e., both people should confirm that they want to work together). I will do my best to honor all requests, but I can’t make any promises.

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