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Posted by Quinn Warnick April 15, 2011 Comments Off

Now that your proposals are approved and your scripts are drafted, it’s time for the fun part: filming and editing your documentary films. Your team should begin shooting video this weekend, and I hope you’ll let me know if you encounter any serious problems along the way. Next week, we will focus on some of the more technical aspects of this project, which should help your team stay on track before everyone leaves for Easter break.

On Monday, we will discuss basic concepts related to video editing. Before you come to class, spend some time on the Vimeo Video School website, which is a collection of articles and video tutorials about making successful videos. In particular, you might want to watch the tutorials in the Video 101 section or look at the Featured Lessons. You won’t have time to watch all of these videos, so it might be helpful if each member of your team focuses on a different topic (sound, editing, equipment, etc.) then shares that information with the rest of the team. In class, we will discuss what you’ve learned from these lessons, so take notes on the videos/articles you watch/read.

On Wednesday, Adrian Tapia will return to our class to help us with Final Cut Pro. He will present a short tutorial on editing clips together and adding audio to a project, then we will visit Adrian’s office, where he can help each team set up its Final Cut Pro project. Important: please bring your external hard drives to class on Wednesday.

We won’t meet as a class on Friday (or the following Monday), due to the Easter break. However, before you leave for the break, every member of your team should know what he or she is doing over the weekend. We will talk about this more in class on Monday and Wednesday. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

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