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Posted by Quinn Warnick February 4, 2011 Comments Off

I hope everyone enjoyed the unexpected day off today, and I hope you managed to stay safe and warm. The snow day has thrown a wrench into our plans, but we’ll try to get back on schedule during Week 4. Here’s how we’ll spend our time:

  • On Monday, we will catch up on what we missed today, by focusing on rhetorical analysis and conducting an in-class analysis activity using a short documentary film. Before you come to class, please read pages 221–34 in Convergences.
  • On Wednesday, we will discuss the terminology of rhetorical analysis and practice using rhetorical terms to critique films. Before you come to class, please print out and read the four three PDF files listed under “Project #2″ on the Readings page. Be ready to discuss these readings in class.
  • On Friday, we will not meet as a class, but I will meet with each of you individually to discuss your Project #2 drafts. You will sign up for an individual conference during class on Monday, and you should come to your conference with a rough (but complete!) draft of the script you intend to use for your video essay. We will discuss your draft and make plans for turning your script into a finished video.

Finally, a quick reminder: If I have not approved your selection of a documentary film for Project #2, please email me as soon as you read this to finalize your choice. If I have approved your film choice, you should watch your film at least once (but preferably more) before you come to class on Monday.

If you have any questions about these plans, or about anything else related to our class, please leave a comment on this post or send me an email.

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