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Posted by Quinn Warnick February 11, 2011 Comments Off

I had a great time meeting with all of you in our one-on-one conferences today, and I hope you left my office with a stronger sense of where your video essay is headed and what you need to do next. This weekend, you should revise your script based on our conference. As you do so, keep in mind issues of timing, delivery, word choice, etc., and don’t forget to spend some time finalizing the list of film clips you want to include in your essay. Once your script is finalized, it’s time for the fun part: turning it into a video. That’s how we’ll spend most of Week 5. Here’s a day-by-day breakdown of what we’ll do each day:

  • On Monday, we will review “Understanding Misunderstandings: How to Do a Rhetorical Analysis,” by Trish Robert-Miller (linked on the Readings page). Please read the article before you finalize your video essay script, and try to incorporate ideas from the article into your rhetorical analysis. We will spend the rest of the day in a peer review workshop, so please come to class with two printed copies of a new draft of your essay and at least one video clip that you want to use in your video essay.
  • On Wednesday, we will conduct a video-editing workshop. You should come to class with a digital copy of your film so we can practice extracting and combining clips for your video essay. If you are more comfortable working on your own laptop, you should bring it to class. UPDATE: If possible, please bring your own laptop to class.
  • On Friday, we will conduct an audio-editing workshop. Your video essay script should be polished and ready to record before you come to class. Again, you may want to bring your own computer to class.

Finally, this is a reminder that the due date for your revision of Project #1, the Definitional Essay, is Monday, February 21. We will talk more about this assignment in class next week, but it’s never too soon to start working on your revision.

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